Premarital & Couples

For 3 years I worked as a wedding planner, and it was actually the love of working directly with couples that led me to pursue my masters in counseling. The time leading up to your wedding is one filled with stress, family pressures, disagreements, more stress, and little time for connection & intimacy. The Catholic Church has been mandating premarital counseling for years, and it hasn't taken off in a secular form. I am dedicated to providing premarital counseling, with a non-religious undertone, to help couples start their marriage off with the best foundation possible. Give yourself a space to share frustrations, hear each other, and head into your life with the best tools possible.

With premarital work I also hope to reduce the stigma of couples counseling, and offer a space that you can return to throughout your marriage as needed. Marriage is hard work! You need support and a place to put intentional effort and time into your love and connection. I am a true believer that there is nothing more important to your mental health then the health of our relationships, and it will always take work and upkeep, but it is the most worthwhile work in the world. 

Sex & intimacy are also key to a lasting relationship, and these things can be very difficult to talk about. My goal is to offer that space and support, and encourage you to explore your sexual sides. Everyone has a sexual identity & it's important that we all become more versed in sharing this part of ourselves with our partner.

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